How Do You Make Jewellery Sustainably?

A statement pair of hoops, your favourite necklace and your go-to rings. We all have our jewellery staples, but what is their impact on the planet? Sustainable jewellery is considered a more environmentally friendly option, but how exactly do you make jewellery sustainably? Keep reading to discover all your need to know about making stunning jewellery pieces in a sustainable way.

What is Sustainable Jewellery? 

Sustainable jewellery is defined as jewellery pieces that are created in a way that has a reduced negative impact on Mother Earth, both environmentally and in terms of social responsibility. Making jewellery sustainably involves a sustainable attitude across the entire jewellery-making process, from initial designs to sourcing materials, and impacts the processes, production methods and materials used. 

What’s the Difference Between Sustainable and Ethical Jewellery? 

The terms sustainable jewellery and ethical jewellery are commonly used within the jewellery industry. Both are important aspects of creating more responsible jewellery, but it’s important to know the key differences when investing in some luxurious new pieces. 

Sustainable jewellery is made in a way that is environmentally friendly, taking into account the impact of the materials used and the production process. This may include using recycled materials or minimising waste. On the other hand, ethical jewellery focuses on ensuring that the people involved in the production of the jewellery are treated fairly and ethically, such as fair wages, good working conditions, workers’ rights and the impact of mining on local communities. 

Why is it Important to Make Jewellery Sustainably? 

It is important to make and buy sustainable jewellery to protect and preserve our environment and the world that we live in, as well as support the well-being of the people and communities who produce and sell the jewellery. Sustainable jewellery can help to reduce the use of resources, minimise waste and pollution and use materials and resources that would otherwise sit in a landfill. 

Sustainable jewellery also helps to fight against over-mining. Silver is a mined precious metal that is sourced by digging through our beautiful landscapes. Not only is this harmful to our planet, but refining and transporting it around the world only adds to the damage done. Using recycled silver in the making of jewellery is a definite way to improve its sustainability. 

5 Ways to Make Jewellery Sustainably

There are several ways to make jewellery sustainably:

1. Recycled Materials

Using recycled materials is a way to make jewellery in a more sustainable way. Using recycled metals such as recycled silver or gold, as well as recycled gemstones and pearls is a beautiful way to reinvent pre-loved or discarded materials and transform them into exquisite jewellery pieces. 

You would never know the difference between a recycled and a new piece of metal. Quality is not compromised, as the recycled silver is melted down by expert casters and results in the look and feel of brand new silver, but without the damage to the planet!

2. Sustainably Materials 

Jewellery can be made sustainably by also using materials that are sustainably made. A material that is sustainably made means that it is produced in a way that is environmentally friendly, with a reduced negative impact on the planet. Materials such as lab-grown gemstones and lab-grown diamonds are great examples as they hold the same properties and dazzling appearance as the mined version, but without harming the environment.

3. Ethical Sourcing Practises 

Sourcing materials ethically is a way to make jewellery in a sustainable way. Ethical sourcing practices ensure that the people who produce the materials sourced are treated fairly, in terms of working conditions as well as their salary. Ethical sourcing practices are an important part of a company’s social responsibility and fights against the overexploitation of people and communities. 

4. Non-Toxic Production Methods

Some non-sustainable jewellers will use production methods that involve the use of toxic chemicals and harmful substances. These chemicals can have a harmful impact on our environment. Using non-toxic production methods to produce jewellery is an innovative way to make jewellery sustainably. 

5. Recycled & Recyclable Packaging 

Using packaging that is environmentally friendly and consists of recycled or biodegradable materials is a lovely way to present and package jewellery pieces without adding to the environmental issue of single-use materials.

Sustainable Jewellery with Loveness Lee

At Loveness Lee, our inspiration comes from the serendipitous beauty found within nature. It’s therefore even more important to us to do our bit to protect it! Our sustainable jewellery is all handcrafted from recycled silver. We use sustainably sourced pearls and lab-grown rubies and sapphires to minimise our impact on the planet, without compromising on quality, creating stunning, bold pieces that never fail to turn heads. Paired with our sustainable packaging, wear your Loveness Lee pieces with confidence in knowing they are sustainably made.

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