How to look after your jewellery

The base of all our jewellery is recycled sterling silver

The base of all of our jewellery is recycled sterling silver. Although the gold-plating itself does not tarnish, silver is an oxidisation-sensitive metal; therefore, due to time and humidity, its atoms can slowly migrate through the gold-plated surface and oxidise, causing it to tarnish. However, tarnishing is non-permanent and with proper care can be prevented - read our tips below to keep your jewellery sparkling!

Everyday care
for your Loveness Lee Jewellery

  • After each wear, give your jewellery a brief clean. Things like sweat and water can affect silver, so wiping off pieces with a cloth before storing them will keep them looking newer for longer!
  • When not wearing your jewellery, we recommend storing it away (in a jewellery box / pouch) in order to protect it from prolonged exposure to sunlight and oxygen.
  • We know that keeping your jewellery away from contact with water completely is difficult due to hand washing, rain, etc, but we recommend never wearing whilst bathing, swimming, exercising etc - salt / sea water is particularly damaging.
  • We advise taking off your jewellery when applying hand sanitizers and hand cream. 
  • Our jewellery that features freshwater pearls and thread should be kept out of contact with water or any moisture at all costs. 
  • If tarnishing does occur, giving it a gentile scrub with a toothbrush, warm water and some washing up liquid should restore its shine.
  • Remember that silver that is regularly used tends to need less care, so we encourage you to wear your jewellery as often as possible in order to keep it looking beautiful!

Pearl Jewellery Care

Upon receiving your newly hand threaded pearl jewellery piece, you may notice some tightness and stiffness. This is completely normal and will decrease over time and with continued wear - think of it like breaking in a new pair of leather boots. Please try to avoid attempting to straighten it out by tugging at it, as this can damage the threading and shorten its lifespan. The handmade nature of all our products means we have taken care to ensure each piece stands the test of time, therefore the tightness of the threading may cause an uneven wiggle, this will straighten out after a few wears. 

Avoid Tugging threaded pearl jewellery too hard.

Avoid Contact with water of any kind (salt water is particularly damaging so always remove your jewellery when swimming in the sea).