What is Gold Plated Jewellery?

Gold jewellery has never been more on-trend and is a great way to add warmth to an outfit. But have you ever wondered what gold-plated jewellery really means? And how is it different to other metals? From the materials used to the thickness of gold, we’ve got everything you need to know when it comes to gold-plated jewellery.  

What does gold plating mean?

Gold plating is when a base metal is coated with a thin layer of gold by a process called electroplating. This involves using an electric current to transfer metal ions from a solution containing gold onto a base metal, which results in a thin, even layer of gold coating. 

When it comes to gold-plated jewellery, many jewellery designers use gold plating as a way to create affordable jewellery for all the gold lovers out there. The base metal is often a more affordable option than solid gold, such as copper, brass or sterling silver. This allows for production costs to be cheaper whilst still achieving the gold look we all know and love.

gold plated bracelet

Is gold plating real gold? 

Gold-plated jewellery uses a beautiful mix of real gold and different base metal. Although it’s important to understand that a gold-plated piece is not solid gold, the gold plating will consist of real gold and will be equal to or greater than 0.5 microns in thickness.

gold plated ring

Are there different types of gold-plated jewellery? 

There are different types of gold-plated jewellery available and these vary based on the base metal used:

  • Gold-Plated Sterling Silver: This type of jewellery is made by carefully coating sterling silver with a layer of gold. It has become a popular choice for many jewellery lovers, due to giving the look of gold at a more affordable price.
  • Gold Plated Brass: This type of jewellery is made by coating a brass piece with a layer of gold. It is a more affordable type of jewellery than gold-plated sterling silver but is not as durable or long-lasting. 
  • Gold Vermeil: Vermeil is a similar type of jewellery to gold-plated sterling silver, except it is coated in a thicker layer of gold.

Why choose gold-plated jewellery? 

Gold-plated jewellery is a stunning addition to any jewellery box. As well as its appearance, its affordability is another reason to choose a gold-plated piece as your next investment. Significantly less expensive than solid gold, gold-plated jewellery is perfect if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to that of solid gold. Gold plating can also be a good choice if you have an allergy or sensitivity to certain metals, as the layer of gold acts as a barrier between the skin and the base metal. 

gold plated ring

How do you look after gold-plated jewellery? 

It’s important to look after your gold-plated jewellery to extend its life and to keep it looking its best. If not carefully cared for, the gold plating can wear off over time to reveal the base metal underneath. It is therefore recommended to be careful with your pieces, avoid rubbing them and keep them away from any harsh chemicals or water. When you’re not wearing your gold-plated pieces, keep them safe in a cool, dry place away from moisture or humidity.  

If your Loveness Lee pieces are in need of some TLC, make sure to check out our aftercare programme. A complimentary service for all Loveness Lee pieces, our skilled jewellers can replate your gold-plated pieces and repair any damages to bring them back to life. 

gold plated earrings

Gold-Plated jewellery with Loveness Lee

Gold plating allows us to create beautiful pieces that glisten and shine for an affordable price. All our gold-plated pieces are handcrafted using 100% recycled sterling silver, then coated with a layer of 18ct gold. From trending hoop earrings to pendant necklaces and stackable rings, there’s a gold-plated piece for every occasion with Loveness Lee. 

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