Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gifts That Are Anything But Ordinary

Valentine’s Day… a time for gratitude, appreciation and some self-love. Whether you’re looking to spoil a special someone or treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with the timeless gift of jewellery. With the power to say a whole lot more than those three little words, a stunning jewellery piece will last a lifetime. If you’re looking for some inspiration without the cliché, keep scrolling, and discover Valentine’s Day jewellery gifts that are anything but ordinary. 

Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gift

The key to finding the perfect Valentine’s Day jewellery gift and showing how much you care, is to find a piece that holds meaning and speaks to the one you love. 

Personalised Jewellery 

Personalised jewellery is a unique and personal jewellery gift that is perfect for Valentine’s Day gifting. Zodiac signs or alphabet initial pieces are fail-safes, and will effortlessly complement pieces already in their collection. Spell out a secret message only known by you two or place your initials side-by-side, the opportunities are endless. 

girl wearing gold plated personalised necklace

Birthstone Jewellery 

Every month holds its own birthstone, making birthstone jewellery pieces a meaningful Valentine’s Day jewellery gift, perfect for those too cool for a cliché. Stones such as sapphires, rubies and pearls are all popular birthstones and can make head-turning jewellery pieces. 

At Loveness Lee, all our sapphires and rubies are lab-grown and our freshwater pearls are sustainably sourced.

pearl bracelet on a piece of wood

Heart Jewellery 

Wear your heart on your sleeve? Nothing says it better than with a heart jewellery piece for Valentine’s Day. Our charming little Heart Ruby Pendant is the perfect gift this February. With a subtle heart-shaped lab-grown ruby, it can be added to a chain for an everyday look or added to any existing necklaces or bracelets for the ultimate personalised piece.

ruby pendant necklace on rose petals


Not just for the big ‘I Do’, rings can be a really meaningful gift for your number one. A promise to love them through and through, put a ring on it and watch them smile. Worn stacked up or as a statement piece, why not treat yourselves to matching rings?

gold plated jewellery

Symbolic Jewellery

Are you fans of a hidden meaning? There’s nothing better than a Valentine’s Day jewellery gift from a collection with a deeper meaning Whether it represents the matters of the heart or takes its inspiration from both your favourite house plants (hello, Cactus Collection), an intimate meaning that’s symbolic to the two of you is one of a kind when it comes to jewellery gifts. 

Our Prémice Collection features both rubies and sapphires to represent the left and right ventricles of the human heart. Why not choose a ruby-adorned piece for them and a sapphire piece for you? We hear it makes the heart grow fonder. 

gold plated jewellery

#sayitwithloveness this Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day is a special opportunity to highlight how much the one you love means to you. By choosing a Valentine’s Day jewellery gift that’s anything but ordinary, you’ll create a meaningful and unforgettable moment that they'll treasure for years to come.



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