At Loveness Lee we are inspired by the serendipitous beauty found within nature, therefore it’s even more important that we do our bit to protect it. Silver is a mined precious metal found globally but mined mostly in the Americas, digging through our beautiful landscapes to find it is harmful to our planet, refining and transporting it globally adds to the damage done. By re-using silver that's already been mined, we can help reduce this harm whilst giving new life to pre-loved materials.

Opting for our recycled silver pieces doesn’t mean compromising on quality!

The silver is melted down by expert casters and the final result looks and feels exactly the same as brand new silver, the only difference is that you’re helping us protect our planet!

Our recycled selection is our next big step, following our sustainable packaging, to becoming a fully sustainable brand. Our goal is to use recycled silver across all our collections — this means that from now on, all castings will be made in recycled silver!