A jewellery staple, our luxury handmade bracelets are the statement piece your wrists have been waiting for. With various designs across our collections, there’s something to suit every style.... Read more

A jewellery staple, our luxury handmade bracelets are the statement piece your wrists have been waiting for. With various designs across our collections, there’s something to suit every style. From chunky, bold cuffs guaranteed to make an impact, to bracelets adorned with lab-grown gemstones and freshwater pearls, you’ll want them all. Our bracelets are cast from recycled precious metals and available in silver and gold finishes. All our bracelets are handmade in London and capture the textural patterns and influences of nature.

Whether you’re looking for a new piece to elevate your style or are on the hunt for the perfect gift, you can’t go wrong with our 18ct gold plated, solid gold or handmade silver bracelets. A truly special and unique gift that suits all skin tones, show them how much they mean to you with a handmade bracelet that will get them all the attention they deserve. Dressed up or dressed down, compliment any outfit with a stunning Loveness Lee bracelet. Look effortlessly stylish and let your wrists do the talking with a standout recycled precious metals bracelet.

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  • Are your bracelets adjustable for different wrist sizes?

    Yes, many of our bracelets are designed to be adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your wrist. Explore some of our adjustable bracelets here.

  • Are all your bracelets sustainable?

    All our bracelets are made using sustainable production methods and materials. We choose to use environmentally friendly materials, such as lab-grown gemstones and freshwater pearls, to reduce our environmental and social impact. We also cast all our bracelets using recycled precious metals.

  • How do you ensure the ethical sourcing of materials for your bracelets?

    We carefully select suppliers who adhere to ethical guidelines, ensuring that our materials, including gemstones and metals, are responsibly sourced and do not contribute to harmful practices. Read more about our brand ethos here.

  • Can I find bracelets suitable for every day and a special occasion in your collection?

    Absolutely! We offer a diverse range of bracelet styles, from dainty bracelets and bangles to elegant pieces suitable for formal occasions, as well as statement bracelets for when you want all eyes on you.

  • Are your bracelets suitable for people with sensitive skin?

    Yes. No one wants uncomfortable jewellery! We prioritise comfort and only cast our bracelets using hypoallergenic recycled precious metals, making them suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Are all your bracelets handcrafted designs?

    100%! All our bracelets are handcrafted in our London workshop by our amazing team of talented jewellers. Every bracelet is therefore a one-of-a-kind piece, which makes them extra special.

  • Can I find bracelets with meaningful symbols or messages in your collection?

    Many of our collections are inspired by aspects of nature’s serendipity and hold their own symbolic meanings. From accepting happy accidents to love, life and the heart, you’re sure to find a piece whose message resonates with you. Explore our latest collections here.

  • How do you package your bracelets for shipping?

    We are committed to reducing waste, so we use eco-friendly and recyclable materials for packaging and shipping our bracelets.

  • Are the gemstones and pearls in your bracelets ethically sourced?

    We only use lab-grown gemstones in our designs, which are a more environmentally friendly and ethical option than the traditionally mined versions. Featuring the same properties as their mined versions, lab-grown gems are a great sustainable alternative. When it comes to our pearls, we use responsibly sourced freshwater rice pearls for our pearl bracelets.

  • Do you ship your bracelets internationally?

    Yes, all our bracelets can be shipped to the UK, EU and the rest of the world. See the full list of countries we deliver to here.