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Explore handmade jewellery from Loveness Lee, featuring statement jewellery pieces that are truly unique. Handcrafted in London, all our jewellery is cast from recycled precious metals, creating luxury pieces from... Read more
Explore handmade jewellery from Loveness Lee, featuring statement jewellery pieces that are truly unique. Handcrafted in London, all our jewellery is cast from recycled precious metals, creating luxury pieces from sustainable materials. Across our collections, enjoy stunning bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings for every occasion. From showstopper pieces for the bold and daring, to paired-back daily statements we have pieces to suit every style. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to some new pieces or want to find the perfect gift, our handmade jewellery in London won’t disappoint. Our personalised collections also add a sentimental meaning to each piece, allowing you to wear what means the most to you and keep it close. Discover mixed metal jewellery as well as pieces adorned with freshwater pearls and lab-grown gemstones, taking your jewellery game to a whole new level.

With each piece handcrafted with our signature textured design, you’ll love your new recycled silver jewellery staples that have been inspired by nature. Jewellery box staples that will stand the test of time, elevate your style with handmade jewellery that’s as unique and meaningful as you. Read less
  • Is every piece of jewellery handcrafted?

    We proudly handcraft every single piece of jewellery at Loveness Lee. We have a small-knit team of talented jewellers who are passionate about all things jewellery. Handcrafted jewellery ensures a higher-quality finish and a little bit of love embodied into every piece.

  • Are your jewellery pieces suitable for sensitive skin?

    Yes! All our jewellery pieces are cast using hypoallergenic recycled precious metals and are suitable for sensitive skin. However, if you have a severe allergy to some metals, we would recommend you check with your medical practitioner.

  • What makes your jewellery sustainable?

    Our jewellery is sustainable because we prioritise using environmentally friendly materials. For example, we cast our jewellery using 100% recycled precious metals, and use freshwater pearls and lab-grown gemstones to adorn our designs. We also use sustainable practices when making our jewellery to minimise our environmental impact and do not promote overconsumption. You can read more about our brand ethos here.

  • Is every piece of jewellery unique?

    Due to every piece of our jewellery being crafted by hand, there may be very small differences between pieces. This makes them as unique as the wearer, and an aspect of our jewellery we simply love.

  • Do you ship your jewellery internationally?

    Yes, we ship to the UK, the EU and the rest of the world. For a full list of the countries we ship to, click here.

  • How are the lab-grown gemstones in your jewellery sustainable?

    Lab-grown gemstones are gemstones that are grown in a laboratory setting, and not traditionally mined. They hold all the same properties and shine as the mined version but without the environmental or ethical impacts associated with mined gemstones. By using lab-grown gemstones, we contribute to more sustainable practices.

  • Can I find statement jewellery within your collections?

    Yes, and you’ve certainly come to the right place! We love a statement at Loveness Lee, and you can find an abundance of statement jewellery within our collections.

  • Can I wear your jewellery every day?

    Of course! Our jewellery is perfect for wearing every day. Just make sure you take proper care of your pieces and keep them in a safe place when you’re not wearing them. With the right care, your pieces can be worn every day and be worn for many years to come. Take a look at our jewellery care guide for more information.

  • Is your jewellery made from 100% recycled materials?

    We cast all our jewellery using 100% recycled precious metals, including recycled sterling silver and recycled 18ct gold.

  • How long do I have if I wish to return a piece of jewellery?

    We offer a 14-day returns policy on our jewellery from the day of delivery. Simply let us know if you want to return or exchange your piece within 14 days of delivery and return the piece to us within 28 days of delivery.