Ceciliae Sapphire Argenti Recycled Silver Earrings


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Ceciliae Sapphire Argenti Earrings - A blend of sophistication, nature's beauty, and modern elegance. Each earring begins with an abstract stud adorned with a cushion cut lab-grown sapphire. From this stud, a slender and elongated tear-shaped drop gracefully descends, forming the main body of the design.

This collection is a harmonious blend of organic forms and modern elegance. Inspired by the delicate patterns and tactile surfaces of wild mushrooms, each design captures the essence of nature’s artistry. Recycled sterling silver serves as the foundation for this collection, embodying the values of responsible craftsmanship. Elevated by the use of lab-grown sapphires, emeralds and moissanites; each piece is a celebration of sustainable luxury, artful design and the magic of the natural world.

Part of the Mushroom Collection

Weight: 6.3g per piece
Total drop: 6.4cm
Hand crafted in Loveness Lee's London workshop.
Certified recycled sterling silver with 7x5mm cushion cut lab-grown sapphires.
Due to the handmade nature of all Loveness Lee Jewellery there may be slight variations from the measurements and images shown.

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