Leucia Aurum Recycled Silver Necklace


Leucia Aurum - Think of this necklace as the reversible jacket of necklaces, except even better. Leucia Aurum acts as three necklaces rolled into one with its ability to transform depending on the way you wear it. Choose between only pearls, a sequence of gold and pearls, or our favourite, halfway between the two!

A contemporary take on the first ever documented jewellery made 115,000 years ago, taking inspiration from our primal ancestors, the Aevum collection embodies raw organic forms and materials. Mimicking ancient skeletal textures in sterling silver, the incorporation of pearls evoke historic impressions of beauty, the designs combine into contemporary chic pieces that are easily styled today.

Part of the Aevum Collection

Length: 16”
Handmade in Loveness Lee's London workshop.
18ct Gold Plated Certified Recycled Sterling silver, freshwater rice pearls, white marine grade nylon
Due to the handmade nature of all Loveness Lee Jewellery there may be slight variations from the images and measurements shown.

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