Demi-Fine Jewellery - How Is It Different to Fine Jewellery?

Demi-fine jewellery perfectly bridges the gap between wanting a luxurious high-end piece of jewellery without breaking the bank. In this blog, we will explain what exactly is demi-fine jewellery, and how it is different to fine jewellery, as well as showcase some of our favourite demi-fine jewellery pieces. 

What is Demi-Fine Jewellery? 

‘Demi’, which means ‘half’ in French, literally means what it says. It is half fine jewellery! Demi-fine jewellery uses vermeil plating, a gold plating that goes over a base metal of sterling silver. This technique allows for a luxurious look at a fraction of the price of fine jewellery, given the weight of the gold used is significantly less than what it would be if the piece was made from solid gold. 

What is Demi-Fine Jewellery Made From? 

When it comes to materials, demi-fine jewellery typically uses high-quality precious metals like sterling silver, which provide durability and a luxe feel without the hefty price tag of solid gold or platinum.

Here at Loveness Lee, our demi-fine jewellery is handcrafted with 100% certified recycled sterling silver, and plated with 18ct gold to give a luxurious touch to every piece. 

What is Fine Jewellery? 

Fine jewellery is made from the highest quality of precious metals and gemstones, whether that be gold, silver, platinum, pearls or diamonds. Fine jewellery does not use plating and is therefore crafted from solid precious metals. It is most often the most expensive choice, due to the high value of metals and stones, however, this can vary depending on the cut, clarity and carat. 

How Is Demi-Fine Jewellery Different to Fine Jewellery? 

Demi-Fine Jewellery is More Affordable

Demi-fine jewellery is a more affordable option compared to fine jewellery. Fine jewellery uses solid precious metals and the highest quality of gemstones which makes it more expensive. Demi-fine jewellery uses a mix of precious metals and a plating technique that lowers the price tag, compared to a solid precious metal piece. 

Fine Jewellery Uses Higher-Quality Materials 

Fine jewellery often features solid gold, platinum, or other precious metals set with high-grade gemstones. On the other hand, demi-fine jewellery uses more affordable, yet still high-quality materials, while still maintaining excellent craftsmanship and design.

Demi-Fine Jewellery Requires More Care

Fine Jewellery is less likely to tarnish than demi-fine jewellery because of its high content of precious metals and stones. Having said this, both types of jewellery need to be cared for, and if done so correctly both fine and demi-fine jewellery will have a long life ahead. Caring for and protecting your jewellery from tarnishing is an easy and worthwhile task for the shine and sparkle of your favourite pieces. 

Our AfterCare Program is a great way to add new life to your Loveness Lee pieces and keep them looking stunning for years to come. 

The Benefits of Demi-Fine Jewellery 

Affordable Luxury 

One of the best things about demi-fine jewellery is that you can achieve the luxurious look and feel of fine jewellery without breaking the bank.

High-Quality Materials 

Demi-fine jewellery uses much higher quality materials and expert craftsmanship than fashion jewellery you may find on the high street. It uses a mix of precious metals like 18ct gold and sterling silver that are more durable than lower-grade metals used in fashion jewellery such as brass and nickel. 

Genuine Gemstones

Demi-fine jewellery often features genuine gemstones, such as rubies and sapphires, which add a touch of colour and elegance to the pieces.

Wear Everyday

While fine jewellery is often reserved for special occasions, demi-fine jewellery is designed for day-to-day wear. Its durability and affordability make it a great option for your everyday staples without having to worry about wear and tear.

The Perfect Gift

Demi-fine jewellery makes for the perfect gift for a loved one, especially when you want to give someone a special piece without the hefty price associated with fine jewellery. To be honest, it’s a wonderful treat for yourself too!  

Can You Wear Demi-Fine Jewellery Everyday?

Absolutely! Demi-fine jewellery, if taken good care of, can be worn every day to elevate your looks. There are lots of ways to keep your jewellery in shining condition, from simple at-home care to professional cleaning. Find out how to look after your demi-fine jewellery at home here

At Loveness Lee, we also offer a one-time complimentary Aftercare Program with every purchase. This means, that if your demi-fine jewellery is lacking lustre and you want to get it back to looking as good as new, you can simply send your pieces to our highly skilled jewellers that will give your jewellery the refresh that it needs. 

How to Style Demi-Fine Jewellery? 

Styling demi-fine jewellery is all about expressing your unique style. The versatility of this jewellery allows you to mix and match different pieces to create stunning combinations that are modern but casual enough for day-to-day wear.  

Whether it be layering our Alphabet Necklaces with our Chinese Zodiac Necklaces. Stacking our gorgeous Ati Sapphire Recycled Silver Ring with another from our collection of 18ct gold plated rings, or maybe just a pair of our stunning stud earrings. The beauty of these demi-fine jewellery pieces is they can be dressed up or down for any occasion. 

Demi-Fine Jewellery at Loveness Lee 

Here at Loveness Lee, we offer a range of beautiful demi-fine jewellery, that you can be assured will not only elevate your jewellery collection but has been created in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way. At the base of demi-fine jewellery pieces, we use 100% recycled sterling silver, because we believe strongly in preserving our precious planet. 

Our demi-fine jewellery collection offers you handcrafted and sustainable jewellery pieces, inspired by the serendipity of nature, that can be worn time and time again.

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