Our Core Brand Beliefs, by Founder Loveness Lee

Come and enter the world of Loveness Lee and discover the core brand beliefs at the very heart of the brand. The entire Loveness Lee team lives, breathes and dreams all things jewellery. All our key brand decisions are driven by our core brand beliefs, as well as our love of jewellery making. Let our Founder, Loveness herself, take you through our core brand beliefs, so you can have a closer look into our world of sustainable, handcrafted jewellery. 

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Designed by Nature

Nature is at the heart of all the designs at Loveness Lee. Inspiration always starts with a little piece of nature. Whether it’s an abstract shape or texture, I always keep my eyes peeled for any texture created by nature, culture or history. Whether it’s the moss-covered walls of an abandoned building in the woods of rural England, or the ruin bars of Budapest, there’s always something to take away. Inspiration is everywhere in nature.

This extends to the rest of the team too, often finding things to show me from their outdoor adventures! My Graphic Designer brought back some amazing cactus skeletons he found in the Moroccan desert. Their unusual beauty and evolution process inspired me to create the Cactus Collection. We took moulds of the cactus skeletons and started to design them into familiar jewellery pieces, whilst still following the natural lines and curves in order to preserve their original texture, without too much human manipulation. We use this process for all our designing and making, describing it as “designed by nature”.

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We are firm believers in trusting the process when it comes to making jewellery. Embracing the unforeseen, serendipitous qualities of natural materials, we often allow happy accidents to take their course in order to create charmingly individual, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that are as unique as the wearer. 


As nature is such a big part of the Loveness Lee brand, we need to do our bit to protect it! Silver is a mined precious metal found globally but mostly mined in the Americas. Mining this beautiful metal means digging through and harming our stunning landscape, plus transporting and refining it only adds to this environmental damage. We, therefore, choose to use recycled silver within our collections, re-using pre-mined silver to reduce our environmental impact and give new life to pre-loved materials. We also only use lab grown gemstones as well as sustainably sourced freshwater pearls to better protect our planet. Not only that but all our packaging is completely sustainable, a bid to become a fully sustainable brand. 

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All of our pieces are designed by myself and handcrafted by our small-knitted team of professional jewellers within our London workshop, all of which have graduated from renowned UK universities and have years of experience in their craft. All our pieces are sent to the Assay Office for hallmarking and London’s Hatton Garden for gold plating. 

A whole lot of love and craftsmanship goes into each and every one of our pieces, which we create in small batches to avoid wasting materials. One of the beauties of a Loveness Lee piece is the fact it’s been crafted by hand. Creating an exclusively unique piece every time. 

Discover our bestselling pieces and treat yourself to a sustainable, handcrafted piece of jewellery that’s been ‘designed by nature’. 

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