How to Wear Statement Necklaces

A statement necklace is a stylish addition to any jewellery box. With the ability to up the ante and take it to the next level, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re much easier to style than one might think! Get ready to turn heads and exude bold style with our tips and tricks on how to wear statement necklaces

6 Tips for Wearing Statement Necklaces

Command attention and get ready to be the star of the show with the power of a statement necklace.

statement necklace worn by girl

1. Find the perfect neckline

Finding the perfect neckline to complement your statement necklace is key for maximising its impact and creating a standout statement. Considering the style and length of the necklace and how it interacts with the neckline of your outfit is a good place to start. V-neck or plunging necklines provide the perfect canvas to showcase a bold statement necklace, whereas high-necked tops work well with shorter, chunkier pieces.

2. Let your necklace do the talking

Allow your statement necklace to shine by keeping the rest of your outfit simple in design and colour. Let your necklace do the talking, the rest of your look should complement the piece and not compete with it. Choosing solid colours or simpler patterns allows the necklace to take centre stage and have its time in the limelight.

man wearing statement necklaces

3. Play with layering

Necklace layering is not only a styling trend but is also a great way to create a statement look. Combine necklaces of different lengths, metals and sizes for a unique and personal look that showcases each individual piece in a carefree, effortlessly stylish way. 

4. Be confident

Confidence is the best thing you can wear to complement your statement necklace. If you’re not used to wearing such bold pieces it can be daunting, but know that a beautiful piece will only add to your radiance and is a guaranteed conversation starter. It’s time to embrace the spotlight and let your personality shine through!

girl layering necklaces

5. Keep earrings minimal

When a necklace is centre stage, it’s best to keep earrings minimal so as not to distract from the main show. Opt for some interesting stud earrings or small hoops for a look that’s put together yet still full of interest. 

6. Remember the smaller details

The impact of a statement necklace can be affected by the smaller details. Don’t overlook things like hair and make-up to really make your necklace stand out. In addition, make sure your piece is glistening clean, free of tarnishing and not broken. Take a look at our Aftercare Program that helps keep your Loveness Lee pieces in beautiful condition. 

Statement Necklace at Loveness Lee 

Embrace the power of a statement necklace and treasure it for years to come. At Loveness Lee, we have a variety of statement necklace designs with something for everybody, no matter your style. Available in gold or silver and even adorned with gemstones and pearls, it’s going to be hard to choose just one. All handcrafted using sustainably sourced materials and recycled precious metals, discover statement necklaces that are kind to the planet and confidence-inducing to wear. 

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