How to Stack Rings - Your Complete Guide

More than just a symbol of commitment or a fashion statement, rings can be a reflection of personality and unique style. And what's better than wearing one ring? Stacking them to create curated layers of jewellery that tell your story. Ring stacking is a big styling trend that isn’t going anywhere. In this guide, we’re delving into all things ring stacking, exploring styling tips and the dos and don'ts to help you master the art of adorning your hands with art.

Choosing your stacking rings

Before discovering how to stack rings, make sure to know how to choose the right rings to do the job and get the look you’re after. 

Start with the basics

To create a ring stack, you’ll need a few rings to get you started. Begin by investing in a few essential rings. These could include a variety of band styles in versatile metals like gold or silver. These foundational pieces will serve as a base for more intricate stacks.

Ring sizing matters

Getting the right ring size is crucial for comfortable stacking. A well-fitting ring won't twist or slide around your finger, which is essential when keeping your perfected ring stack in place. You can check out our ring sizing chart here

Mix & match metals

Don't be afraid to mix metals. Combining gold, silver and other metal colours and types can add depth and character to your stack. 

stacked rings

How to style your ring stack

Now you have your ring stacking essentials, it’s time to learn how to build out your ring stack taking into account style and symmetry. 

Balance is key

Balance your stack by mixing different ring widths, gemstones, and designs. Combining thinner bands and dainty rings with statement rings creates a harmonious and visually appealing look.

Complementary gemstones

Pair rings with similar gemstones or colours for a cohesive look. For example, stacking emerald rings or those with moissanite accents for a unified style.

Play with symmetry

Experiment with symmetrical designs by placing identical or complementary rings on adjacent fingers. This creates a balanced and polished appearance, perfect for elevating a look.

Tell your story

Rings can be incredibly sentimental and hold a lot of meaning. Use each ring to tell a unique part of your story, whether it's a family heirloom, a travel memento, or a ring that marks a significant life event. 

Ring placement

Mix rings on different fingers and hands for a dynamic and stylish look. Thumb rings can give an unexpected twist and rings placed on a pinky finger are essential for those in the ‘fashion’ know. 

The Do's and Don'ts

Do Layer Thoughtfully

Layering rings should be a thoughtful process to ensure they are balanced together well. Plan your stack in front of a mirror to see how the rings complement each other.

Don't Overcrowd

Avoid overloading your fingers with too many rings. Although we’re all for a bold look, sometimes the beauty of individual rings can be lost when there are too many. Also, simplicity can often be very elegant, so leave some breathing room for your skin to show through.

Do Experiment

Ring stacking is an ever-evolving art. Experiment with new combinations, add or subtract rings as your style evolves or when you add new ones to your collection.

Caring for your ring stack

As important as it is to stack your rings well, it’s equally as important to care for them properly. Regularly clean your rings to keep them looking their best, and always store your rings in a jewellery pouch or box to keep them from tarnishing and preventing scratches, when not in use. You can read our guide to caring for your jewellery here

The beauty of ring stacking

Ring stacking is a creative and personal way to showcase your individuality and style. With the right foundation, an eye for balance, and an understanding of the do's and don'ts, you can easily master the art of stacking rings. So, go ahead and curate a collection that reflects your unique story and personality. You can explore our collection of stacking rings here.

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