Alpenglow: A word of German origin, meaning the rosy glow that suffuses snow-covered mountain peaks at dawn or dusk on a clear day.


This is the biggest necklace to feature in my collections so far. Just like a mountain, it is admirable for its shape and structure, and especially for its sheer size. However, it is in the detail that we find its most interesting feature. Alpenglow is actually an assemblage of all the rings in my Patination collection. Once you have Alpenglow, you quite literally have it all! This necklace is a true show-stopper, not only due to its volume, but also because of the mutual energy of the individual rings that form it.


  • Hand crafted in Loveness Lee's London workshop.
  • Individually cast in Bronze and Patinated in the UK.
  • Coloured in Sky Blue Textured Patination.
  • Following Patination surface treatment, each piece is sealed to ensure the longevity of the finish.
  • 18ct Gold Plated chain.
  • 18' chain length.
  • Can be worn above or below the neckline.
  • Due to the hand-crafted nature of all Loveness Lee jewellery there may be slight variations from the images shown.
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  • For care instructions please click here.


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