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Fashion Editor Remy Farrell
on the perfect jewellery for 2024 trends

The owner of many Loveness Lee designs and an expert in all things fashion, jewellery, and trends, Remy Farrell is the Fashion Editor of international fashion title Who What Wear and the first Expert in our new series, Expert Edits. 

Expert Edits is a new way to shop Loveness Lee with advice from our incredibly insightful friends who have all the inside knowledge on everything from the jewellery trends for 2024, to how you can curate a capsule wardrobe that will actually work. Read on for Remy’s insights into the top 6 jewellery trends for 2024 and how you can master them with Loveness Lee.


" I first fell in love with Loveness Lee's one-of-a-kind designs when searching for a drop earring with enough character to be the focal point of a look. Since then I've managed to amass a collection of her charming, fashion-forward and avant-garde pieces (I even wore the Aris earrings on my wedding day), so where better place to start when looking ahead to predict what will inevitably be this year's most influential jewellery trends? Given that there is something for everyone in Loveness Lee's offerings, it's more than likely that what we see here is about to be everywhere over the next 12 months." 

— Remy Farrell (Fashion Editor)

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"Despite what the Y2K revival might suggest, those looking for a necklace trend with more longevity than cords and chokers will want to invest in chain links. Simple but effective, these larger, paperclip chains manage to be both eye-catching and versatile, and lend themselves well to stacking with other pendant necklaces too. With the recent Golden Globes red carpet welcoming the return of the plunging V-neckline, and a surge in interest in bandeau tops and dresses, these chains are the easy way to dress up an exposed decolletage."


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"Jewellery trends often focus on necklaces and earrings, but what we wear on our hands is just as important. Take the signet ring for example; after quietly growing in popularity over the last year, I predict that 2024 will introduce new shapes, designs and embellishment that sets the new signet apart from its predecessor. Despite their organic shape, the Shimeji rings sit perfectly stacked on a pinky finger and have far more impact than a plain gold band, and the new Dragon Chinese Zodiac ring has all of the hallmarks of a traditional signet, but with Lovessness' signature touch."


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"The most exciting trends often involve the opportunity to play with colour, and this extends to your jewellery box too. Hot red was the biggest ready-to-wear colour trend towards the end of last year, and with a resurfacing of blue predicted for 2024, it stands to reason that our accessories will reflect the same unreserved approach to jewel tones too. Ruby reds are always eye-catching and rich sapphire blues add depth to simple pieces; and luckily for us precious stones feature heavily in Loveness' latest collections, moving away from classic pearls in favour of indulgent pops of colour. More is most definitely more when it comes to this trend, so wear necklaces layered and earrings paired with cuffs to create an interesting palette."


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"Gold or silver, gold or silver, for those who can't decide, who says you can't wear both at once? Mixing metals is the modern way to curate a look entirely your own, and the clash of colours feels entirely fresh for 2024. Many of Loveness' pieces mix and match the two in one hero piece (note the Soleil earrings, Zion ring and Irmak necklace), but the Langa bracelet tops my list for just how good it looks with mixed rings too."


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"Whether it be name plates, birthstones, engraving or customisation, we're increasingly searching for pieces that make our jewellery feel unique and entirely our own, and as such, the popularity of personalised pieces are on the rise. As much as I still love the "Remy" necklace that I got when I was 16, Loveness' initial studs feel like a grown up take on the trend. Wear one, double up, or mix and match (I immediately wanted both initials). It's the perfect way to spell out your style. "


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"One of my favourite breakout jewellery trends is actually more of a styling shortcut—asymmetric earrings. The concept is simple, wear two contrasting earrings of different lengths to create a talking point that people will immediately notice. Not convinced? The look appeared on the runways of Gucci, Zimmermann, and Alexander McQueen to name a few, giving this mismatched look some serious credence. Although the Alphabet studs and ear cuffs are already sold as individual pieces perfect for this look (and honestly the Zemra is strong enough to wear entirely on its own), I also love the exaggerated pairing of one of the long, cascading Aris earrings with a delicate Dio Aurum minis. Consider this my evening look for the rest of 2024."