Launched in 2016, Loveness Lee is a contemporary jewellery brand that combines the unforeseen, serendipitous qualities of natural materials with an assertive, powerful attitude towards contemporary design. Each piece is a statement: handcrafted in London by Loveness herself and bench assistants, combining organic colours and textures with shapes inspired by nature, Loveness Lee’s signature aesthetic is, like the environmental processes that inform it, utterly unique.

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Loveness believes nature is the most accomplished designer! Millennia of practice means nature is full of the most remarkable patterns, surfaces, and complexions. If Loveness treats her designs as a collaboration with nature, then she is able to harness these ageless, beautiful forms in her jewellery; science is the method by which she facilitates this collaboration. The jewellery casts she creates are one of a kind - loveness’s silicone moulding techniques delicately recreate the beauty and intricate patterns of organic objects, as well as their bolder formations and shapes, these can then be injected with wax and will go on to be finely worked and honed to accentuate their natural forms.

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Loveness Lee is about creating jewellery that is art. Jewellery is a channel, a way of elevating the quotidian by creating beautiful physical objects. The world through her eyes is formed of stunning shapes, amazing textures and vibrant colours; in a way, her jewellery is an interpretation of the world as she sees it. For Loveness, this is the point of art. Her life and experiences are a constant source of inspiration and intrigue, and transforming her imagination into something tangible brings Loveness so much joy.

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Loveness Lee wants to bring you the same sense of awe and excitement that she and her team feel making each item by hand in the workshop. Each piece is made for you to experience the beauty and wonderment felt only when enveloped by nature. Moreover, every piece of Loveness Lee jewellery is made to bestow confidence and a sense of individuality upon the people who wear them. Her statement designs are unlike traditional jewellery, they embolden you to stand out from the crowd, unafraid to be different.

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