Gaia Ring

Gaia Ring


Gaia is a primordial Ancient Greek goddess, the mother of all life and the maternal personification of Earth. This spectacular ring’s distinctive shape emulates the circular, recurring motion of all life and organic processes on earth, from birth to decay to rebirth; the stunning variety of textures and patterns displayed on such a delicate item of jewellery are also testament to the epic diversity of life on Earth. The Gaia ring is the ideal accessory for women who feel a personal connection to the world around them, and want to display their passion for life in the form of a dazzling statement ring.

Part of the Trans-natural Collection

Hand crafted in Loveness Lee's London workshop.
18ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver.
Hallmarked at the Assay Office London.
Due to the hand-crafted nature of all Loveness Lee Jewellery there may be slight variations from the images shown.
Available in sizes I-Q, please contact us if your size is not currently available. Our ring size chart is available here.

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