The art of jewellery making

Loveness Lee Darya Craftsmanship.jpeg

Loveness Lee is about creating jewellery that is art. Jewellery is a channel, a way of elevating the quotidian by creating beautiful physical objects. Each piece is inspired by a natural and serendipitously-formed shape or texture. An exemplar of this process would be Darya earrings which are modeled from a paper-clay substrate that creates beautiful undulating folds.

Loveness Lee Darya Craftsmanship 2.jpeg

The silicone moulding techniques we use at Loveness Lee Jewellery delicately recreate the beauty and intricate patterns of Darya’s original paper-clay, whilst also forming their bolder formations and shapes. These moulds are then injected with wax, with the resulting casts being maticulously refined in order to highlight the graceful natural forms within.

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The wax pieces go on to be individually cast in sterling silver, and then go through a series of hand-worked-procedures; cutting, filing, drilling and soldering on the earrings posts.

image Loveness Lee Darya Craftsmanship 12.jpeg

Before being sent to the Assay office for Hallmarking, and London’s Hatton Garden for gold plating, All pieces need to be cleaned in a special bath to remove oxidisation, and then polished using a rotary tumbler.

iimage Loveness Lee Darya Craftsmanship 23.jpeg

Loveness Lee wants to bring you the same sense of awe and excitement that our team feel making each item by hand in the workshop. Each piece is made for you to experience the beauty and wonderment felt only when enveloped by nature.

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